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It is normal for a certain amount of moisture
to evaporate
from the food during
any cooking process. The amount depends on the moisture content of the food.
The moisture
may condense
on any surface cooler than the inside of the oven,
such as the control panel.
Bake is cooking with dry, heated air. Both the upper and lower
elements cycle to maintain the oven temperature.
The Bake mode can be used to prepare a variety of food items, from pastries to
Refer to recipe or package
directions for oven temperature
and baking
Preheat the oven if the recipe recommends
Baking time will vary with the size, shape and finish of the bakeware. Dark metal
pans or nonstick coatings will cook faster with darker
results. Insulated
will lengthen the cook time for most foods.
For best results, bake food on a single rack with at least 1-1½"
space between
pans or dishes and oven walls.
heat loss from the oven by using the window to periodically
food for aloneness instead of opening the door.
If multiple
racks are necessary,
use a maximum of 2 racks. For cakes, use rack
positions 3 and 5. For cookies, use rack positions
1 and 4. _agger
pans so that
one is not directly above the other (see graphic below). You may also consider
using a convection
27" appliances:
30" appliances:
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