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Getting the Most Out of Your Appliance
General Tips
Pan Placement
Baking results are better if pans are placed in the center of the oven. tf baking more
than one pan on a rack, allow at least 1" to 1 ½" of air space around the pan. When
baking four cake layers at the same time, stagger pans on two racks so that one pan
is not directly
above the other.
Do not use aluminum
foil or protective
liners to line any part of the
the oven bottom. Installation
of these liners
may result in a risk of electric shock or fire.
the Oven
For Best Results
Pans and Dishes
High Altitude
Place oven racks in desired position before heating the oven.
Preheat the oven when using the Bake, Convection
Bake, Pie, Pizza, and
Warm modes.
Preheat is not used for Roast, Convection
Roast, and Proof.
Allow oven to preheat while preparing
recipe ingredients
or food items.
Setting a higher temperature
does not shorten
preheat time.
Once oven is preheated,
place food in the oven as quickly
as possible to
the loss of heat and reduction
of oven temperature.
Use Fast Preheat to speed up preheating.
Use the cooking
as a guide.
Open the door as briefly as possible to avoid temperature
Use the interior oven light to view the food through the oven window rather than
opening the door frequently.
Use the Timer to keep track of cooking times.
Glass baking dishes absorb heat. Therefore,
reduce oven temperature
25 °F
when baking in glass.
Use pans that provide the desired browning.
For tender, light, golden, brown
crusts, use light, anodized or shiny metal bakeware.
Dark, rough or dull pans (nonstick
or anodized)
will absorb heat and result in a
browner, crisper crust. Some manufacturers
reducing the
25 °F when using this type of pan. Follow manufacturers'
Insulated cookie sheets or bakeware
may increase the length of cooking time.
Do not set broil pan or any other heavy object on the open oven door.
Do not keep the empty broil pan in the oven during cooking
as this changes
cooking performance.
Store the broil pan outside the oven.
When cooking at high altitudes,
recipes and cooking times will vary.
For accurate information,
write the Extension Service, Colorado State
Fort Collins,
Colorado 80521. There may be a cost for the guides.
Specify which high altitude food preparation
guide you prefer: general
cakes, cookies, breads, etc.
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