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Use this appliance only as described in this instruction manual.
As with any electrical appliance, whilst the instructions aim to cover as many eventualities as
possible caution and common sense should be applied when operating and installing this air
This appliance has been manufactured to cool and de-humidify domestic environments and
should not be used for other purposes.
It is dangerous to alter or modify the unit's characteristics in any way.
The appliance must be installed in line with the relevant national legislation.
Should repairs be necessary, contact the nearest authorised Repair Service Centre. Unautho-
rised servicing can be dangerous.
This appliance is to be used by adults only; keep away from children.
In the case that the power cable becomes damaged, this must be substituted only by specialised
personnel authorised by the manufacturer.
Always ensure the appliance is earthed. If you have any doubts check with a qualified elec-
Avoid using extension leads with the unit.
Before cleaning or maintenance operations, always unplug the unit from the socket.
Do not pull on or place strain on the power cable when moving the appliance.
The appliance should not be installed where the atmosphere may contain combustible gases,
oil or sulphur, or near heat sources.
If the appliance is utilised in areas where there is no ventilation of air, it is necessary to take pre-
cautions to avoid that the refrigerant gases that may leak from the appliance do not remain
in the room, thereby causing a fire hazard.
This appliance must be utilised and installed only in rooms with a total volume of 15 cubic metres
or greater.
The refrigerant used in this appliance would cause damage to the ozone layer if relased into the
atmosphere. Therefore at the end of the working life of the appliance the unit should be taken to
a recycling centre for disposal of the refrigerant.
Keep the unit at least 50 cm away from inflammable substances (alcohol etc) or pressurised con-
tainers (eg. aerosol cans).
Do not rest hot or heavy objects onto the appliance.
Clean the filters at least once a week.
Remember to perform the descaling procedure at the end of each season (see page 25).
areas where the water is particularly hard (rich in minerals), the use of a commercial anti-lime
product added to the water is recommended.
This can be requested from De’Longhi LTD.
Avoid using heaters near the unit.
Do not cover this appliance with bags when is not in use
Unventilated area where the appilance using flammable refrigerants is installed shall be
so con-
structed that any leaked refrigerants will not stagnate so as to cause a fire or an explosion hazard
caussed by igniting stagnant refrigerants from other source such as electric heater, stove and simi-
lar home applications.
The unit should be transported in a vertical position. If this is not possible secure the unit at an
angle, do not lie horizontally.
Before transporting the unit drain the condensation collecting-tray and tank. After transporta-
tion, wait at least 1 hour before switching on the unit.
The packaging materials can be recycled. You are therefore recommended to place them in
the special containers for differentiated waste collection.
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