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Important notes for users in the U.K.
Mains plug
This apparatus is fitted with an approved 13 Amp plug.To change a fuse in this type of plug
proceed as follows:
Remove fuse cover and fuse.
Fix new fuse which should be a BS1362 5 Amp, A.S.T.A. or BSI approved type.
Refit the fuse cover.
If the fitted plug is not suitable for your socket outlets, it should be cut off and an appro-
priate plug fitted in its place. If the mains plug contains a fuse, this should have a value of
5 Amp. If a plug without a fuse is used, the fuse at the distribution board should not be
greater than 5 Amp.
Note:The severed plug must be disposed of to avoid a possible shock hazard should it
be inserted into a 13 Amp socket elsewhere.
How to connect a plug
The wires in the mains lead are coloured with the following code: blue = neutral (N),
brown = live (L). As these colours may not correspond with the colour markings iden-
tifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows:
Connect the blue wire to the terminal marked N or coloured black.
Connect the brown wire to the terminal marked L or coloured red.
Do not connect either wire to the earth terminal in the plug, marked E (or e) or
coloured green (or green and yellow).
Before replacing the plug cover, make certain that the cord grip is clamped over the
sheath of the lead - not simply over the two wires.
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