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Tuner functions
Band select
Control knob
Switches between FM1, FM2, and FM3 each time the
top side is pressed.
Switches to AM when the bottom side is pressed.
Control knob
Changes the frequency when the left or right side is
• During reception of stereo stations the “ST” indicator is ON.
Tuning mode select
Switches as follows each time this button is pressed.
Tuning mode
Auto seek
“AUTO 1”
Automatic search for a station.
Preset station seek
“AUTO 2”
Search in order of the stations in the
Preset memory.
Normal manual tuning control.
Preset memory
[1] - [6]
Memorize the station selected when pressing for at
least 2 seconds.
Auto memory entry
Memorizes six stations with good reception
automatically when pressed for at least 2 seconds.
Preset tuning
[1] - [6]
Recalls the memorized station.
Disc play functions
Disc play
Disc slot
Starts playing when a disc is inserted.
When a CD is inserted, the “IN” indicator is ON.
• 3 inch CD cannot be used. Attempt to insert using an
adapter can cause malfunction.
• Refer to <About Audio file> (page 14) for the Audio file by
models you can play.
Pause and play
Control knob
Switches between pause and play each time the
center is pressed.
Disc ejection
• You can eject the disc for 10 minutes after switching off the
Music search
Control knob
Changes the music when the left or right side is
Fast reverses or forwards the music while pressing the
left or right side.
Folder/Disc search (KDC-MP439/KDC-MP3039/
Control knob
Switches the folder containing the audio ²le or the
disc in the disc changer when pressing the top or
bottom side.
Track/ File/ Disc/ Folder repeat play
Switches between Track Repeat (“TRAC REP”/ “REP”),
Disc Repeat (“DISC REP”) (In Disc Changer), and OFF
(“REP OFF”) when pressed while playing a CD.
Switches between File Repeat (“FILE REP”), Folder Re-
peat (“FOLD REP”), and OFF (“REP OFF”) when pressed
while playing an audio ²le.
Scan play
Successively plays the intro of the music in the disc or
“TRAC SCN”/ “FILE SCN”/ “SCN” is displayed during
Scan Play.
Random play
Randomly plays the music in the disc or folder.
“DISC RDM”/ “FOLD RDM”/ “RDM” is displayed during
Random Play.
Magazine random play (KDC-MP439)
Randomly plays the music in the disc changer.
“MGZN RDM” is displayed during Magazine Random
Text/Title scroll (KDC-MP439/KDC-MP3039/KDC-
Control knob
Scrolls the CD and audio ²le text display when
pressing the top side for at least 2 seconds.
Indicates the button etc. to operate.