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General functions
Power/Source select button
Turns on the power.
When the power is on, the source switches between
Tuner (“TUNER”/ “TUnE”) , CD (“CD”) , Auxiliary input
(“AUX”/ “AUH”), and Standby (“STANDBY”/ “STBy”) each
time this button is pressed.
Press at least 1 second to turn o±
the power.
• When an optional accessory is connected, the source name
for each device appears (KDC-MP439 only).
Volume control
Bass boost
Switches between Boost 1 (“BB-L L1”/ “L1 BB-L”), Boost
2 (“BB-L L2”/ “L2 BB-L”), and Boost o±
BB-L”) each time this button is pressed.
Faceplate release
Releases the faceplate lock so that it can be removed.
Refer to the following diagram when reattaching the
• The faceplate is a precision piece of equipment and can be
damaged by shocks or jolts.
• Do not place the faceplate (and the faceplate case) in areas
exposed to direct sunlight, excessive heat or humidity. Also
avoid places with too much dust or the possibility of water
• To prevent deterioration, do not touch the terminals of the
unit or faceplate with your fingers.
Auxiliary input
Auxiliary input
Connect a portable audio device with mini-plug cable
(3.5 ø).
• Use the mini-plug cable which is stereo type and does not
have any resistance.
Muting volume upon reception of phone call
When there is a call, “CALL” is displayed and the audio
system is paused.
When the call ends, “CALL” disappears and the audio
system comes back on.
The audio system comes back on when [SRC] is
pressed during a call.
Subwoofer output
Control knob
Switches between ON (“SW ON”/ “On SUB”) and OFF
(“SW OFF”/ “OFF SUB”) each time the bottom side is
pressed for at least 2 seconds.
Clock display (KDC-139)
Control knob
Switches between ON and OFF each time the center
is pressed at least 1 second.
Disc slot
Auxiliary input
Basic Operation