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Notices and Safety Instructions
Notices regarding moisture condensation
1. A sudden rise in atmospheric temperature may cause condensation to form inside the camcorder.
for example:
When you move the camcorder from cold outside to warm inside during the winter.
When you move the camcorder from cool inside to hot outside during the summer.
If the “DEW” protection feature is activated, leave the camcorder for at least two hours in a dry,
warm room with the cassette compartment opened and the battery removed.
Notices regarding COPYRIGHT
Television programs, video tapes, DVD titles, films, and other program materials may be copyrighted.
Unauthorized copying of copyrighted material may be against the law.
Notices regarding CAMCORDER
Do not leave the camcorder exposed to high temperature(above 60˚C or 140˚F).
For example, in a parked car in the sun or under direct sunlight.
Do not let the camcorder get wet.
Keep the camcorder away from rain, sea water, and any other form of moisture.
If the camcorder gets wet, it may be damaged.
Sometimes malfunction cannot be repaired.
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