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You cannot switch the
camcorder on.
START/STOP button does not
operate while recording.
The camcorder goes off
The battery pack is quickly
When you see a blue screen
during playback.
A vertical strip appears on the screen
when recording a dark background.
Auto focus does not work.
Play, FF or REW button do not
Check the battery pack or the AC Power Adapter.
Check the POWER switch is set to CAMERA.
You have reached the end of the cassette.
Check the record protection tab on the cassette.
You have left the camcorder set to STBY for more than 5 minutes without using it.
The battery pack is fully exhausted.
The atmospheric temperature is too low.
The battery pack has not been fully charged.
The battery pack is completely dead, and cannot be recharged, Use another battery pack.
The video heads may be dirty.
Clean the head with a cleaning tape.
The contrast between the subject and the background is too great for the camcorder to operate
normally. Make the background brighter to reduce the contrast or use the BLC function while
you are recording.
The image in the viewfinder is
The Viewfinder lens has not been adjusted.
Adjust the viewfinder control lever until the indicators displayed on the viewfinder
come into
sharp focus.
Check the M.FOCUS menu. Auto focus does not work in the Manual Focus mode.
Check the POWER switch. Set the power switch to PLAYER.
You have reached the beginning or end of the cassette.
When you see a broken block
image during EDIT SEARCH.
This is normal and it is not a failure or defect.
If these instructions do not allow you to solve the problem, contact your nearest authorized service center.