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Using Your Camcorder Abroad
Each country or area has its own electric and TV color system.
Before using your camcorder abroad, check the following points.
Power sources
You can use your camcorder in any country or area with the supplied AC Power Adapter within 100V to 240V, 50/60 Hz.
Use a commercially available AC plug Adapter, if necessary, depending on the design of the local wall outlet.
Color system
You can view your recording in the viewfinder.
However, to view it on a television or copy it to a video cassette recorder, the television or VCR must be NTSC-compatible and
have the appropriate audio/video jacks.
Otherwise, you may need to use a transcoder.
PAL-compatible area
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, CIS, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Holland,
Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Norway, Rumania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Spain,
Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, etc.
NTSC-compatible area
Bahamas, Canada, Central America, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, United States of America, etc.
You can make recordings with your camcorder anywhere in the world and you can watch the playback picture on the LCD screen.