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IEEE 1394 Data Transfer
Transferring IEEE1394 (i.LINK)-DV standard data connection
Connecting with DV device
Connecting with other DV standard products.
DV standard connecting is quite simple. If a product has a DV port,
you can transfer data by connecting to the DV port with the correct cable.
Be careful. There are two types of DV port. (4pin, 6pin)
This camcorder has a 4pin terminal.
With digital connection, video and audio signals are transmitted in digital, allowing
high quality images to be transferred.
Connecting to a PC
If you want to transmit data to a PC, you must install an IEEE 1394 add-on card (not supplied)
on the PC.
The frame rate recorded for video capturing is dependent on the capability of the PC.
When you transmit data from this camcorder to another DV device, some functions may not work.
In this occurs, reconnect the DV cable or turn the power OFF and ON again.
4Pin Type
6Pin Type
DV format VCR
Mini DV camcorder
Desk top PC with DV port
Portable PC with
DV port