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Precautions on viewing stereoscopic 3D images
Do not view stereoscopic 3D images if you have a history of photosensitivity, heart
disease or poor health. This may cause the symptoms to worsen.
If you experience any health problems such as fatigue and discomfort while viewing
stereoscopic 3D images, immediately discontinue viewing. Continuing viewing after
symptoms appear may cause health risks. Take a break until the symptoms have
completely disappeared.
Ages of 5–6 or over are recommended for viewing stereoscopic 3D images.
Symptoms such as fatigue and discomfort are difficult to determine in young
children, therefore they may suddenly become ill. When viewing 3D images with
children, please watch for eye strain symptoms.
When viewing stereoscopic 3D images, take a moderate break after watching one
title. Viewing for extended periods may cause visual strain.
Precautions when cleaning this product
Turn off the main power and unplug the AC cord from the wall outlet before handling.
To clean the outer cabinet, periodically wipe it with a soft cloth (cotton, flannel, etc.).
For severe dirt, soak a soft cloth (cotton, flannel, etc.) in some neutral detergent
diluted with water, wring the cloth out thoroughly, wipe off the dirt, then wipe again
with a soft, dry cloth.
Do not use chemicals or a chemically treated cloth for cleaning. It may damage the
cabinet finish.
Notes on using Wireless LAN
When this player is connected to a wireless LAN network, transmissions between
the wireless LAN adapter (BD-AMS10U: VR-WL25, sold separetely/BD-AMS20U:
supplied) and a wireless LAN compatible broadband router (commercially available)
are carried out.
Precautions on using Wireless LAN
The following devices, radio stations, etc. use the same frequency bands. Do not use
wireless LAN near them.
Manufacturing/scientific/diagnostic equipment such as pacemakers, etc.
Specified low power radio stations (radio stations that do not require a license)
If this player is used near these devices, there is a possibility that radio wave
interference may occur. Therefore transmission may not be possible or speed may be
Mobile phones, radios, etc. use different radio frequency bands from wireless LAN,
so there will not be any effect on the transmissions of these devices or wireless LAN
if this player is used near them.
However, if a wireless LAN product is placed near one of these devices, audio or
video noise may occur due to the electromagnetic waves that emit from wireless LAN
Radio waves will pass through the wood, glass, etc. used in standard housing,
however they will not pass through reinforcing bars, metal, concrete, etc. Radio
waves will not pass through walls and floors if these materials are used.
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