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Playback Setting
Parental Control
This lets you set the Parental Control depending
on the disc content. The available Parental Control
Levels are shown below.
The 4-digit password number needs to be entered
before the Parental Control Levels and the Country
Code are set. The Parental Control Levels and the
Country Code cannot be set if a password has not
been created or the password is not entered.
Select the rating level appropriate for the age of the
Item (Parental control level for DVD-video)
8 and Off: All DVD-video can be played.
1–7: Prohibits play of DVD-video with corresponding
ratings recorded on them.
Item (Parental control level for BD-video)
No Limit: All BD-video can be played.
0–99 year(s): Prohibits play of BD-video with
corresponding ratings recorded on them.
Item (Country code)
Select the country code.
The ratings differ according to the country.
Refer to “Basic Operation for Playback Setting” on page
45 for details.
Disc Language (Disc Priority Language)
This lets you select the language for subtitles, audio
and menus displayed on the screen.
Item (Subtitle)
Select the subtitle language you want to display.
Item (Audio)
Select the audio language you want to hear.
Item (Menu)
Select the menu language you want to display.
When “Auto” is selected, the priority language of the
disc will be played back.
Angle Mark Display
This lets you turn the Angle Mark Display on or off
when BD/DVD video recorded with multiple angles
is played back. (The Angle Mark is displayed in the
lower right screen.)
Yes, No
Password Setting
This sets the password for setting or changing the
Parental Control Level.
Yes: Enter the 4-digit number.
When you forget the password, you can reset the
current password using “System Reset” under
“Settings”. (See page 49.)
You can also set the new password if desired.
BD Internet Access
This allows you to set access restriction to BD-LIVE
Permit: Allows all BD-LIVE discs.
Limit: Allows only discs with owner certification.
Prohibit: Prohibits all BD-LIVE discs.
The available functions differ depending on the disc.
Regarding playback method of BD-LIVE contents,
etc., perform the operations in accordance with the
instructions in the BD disc manual.
To enjoy BD-LIVE functions, perform the broadband
Internet connection (pages 19–20) and communication
settings (pages 50–53).
This manual is suitable for devices