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Broadband Internet Connection
Wireless connection (wireless LAN)
Insert a wireless LAN adapter (Model number VR-WL25, supplied with BD-
AMS20U only) into the W-LAN/USB1 terminal on the rear of the player.
Wireless LAN
(supplied with
BD-AMS20U only)
When a wireless connection is made, it is necessary to enter the MAC address
shown on the wireless LAN adapter for the wireless router. We recommend writing
down the MAC address in this operation manual. (See page 52.)
Optional accessories*
Wireless LAN adapter
(supplied with BD-AMS20U only)
When you insert or remove a wireless LAN adapter, be sure to turn the main power off
and make sure that “Quick Start” is set to “No” (See page 47).
You must use a wireless router/access point that supports IEEE802.11 b/g/n. (n is
recommended for stable operation of the wireless network.)
Wireless LAN, in its nature, may cause interference, depending on the usage conditions
(access point performance, distance, obstacles, interference by other radio devices,
Set the wireless router/access point to Infrastructure mode. Ad-hoc mode is not
SHARP cannot guarantee that wireless LAN adapters other than the VR-WL25 adapter
(supplied with BD-AMS20U only) will operate with this player.
SHARP cannot guarantee that all brands’ wireless routers will operate with this player.
After connecting
Perform the communication settings. (Pages 50–53)
When enjoying BD-LIVE functions, see pages 29 and 48.
When enjoying video on-demand services (e-Contents), see pages 59–61.
To play back files via the Home Network, see page 37.
To update the software via the Internet, perform Software Update Settings.
(Pages 55–56)
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