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TASCAM Tower CD Duplicator User’s Manual
Chapter 1. Introduction
Thank you for purchasing a TASCAM Tower CD Duplicator.
The TASCAM Tower CD Duplicator is a stand-alone disc-to-disc CD Duplicator
system that does not require connection to a computer. It can duplicate a single
master CD to CD-R media at up to 52X speeds, resulting in an exact replica of a
700MB disc. It can also duplicate discs to CD-RW media at up to 32X speeds.
The TASCAM Tower CD Duplicator is designed to perform CD copying quickly
and accurately. The CD Duplicator automatically identifies source CD formats
and replicates the content as required.
The TASCAM Tower CD Duplicator performs continuous copying with no
waiting. It is an ideal CD duplicator for the advanced user who requires speed and
You can set up your TASCAM Tower CD Duplicator very quickly and easily.
There is no need to install any software. There is no need to attach any cables to
your computer. The TASCAM Tower CD Duplicator functions entirely as a
stand-alone unit.
This User's Manual is intended for both the CD-D13 1x3 and CD-D17HD
1x7 Tower CD Duplicator systems. Operational instructions for both models are
essentially the same. The primary difference between models is the number of
target drives and the inclusion of a hard disk drive. Other minor differences
between the models are described herein as necessary.
Your TASCAM Tower CD Duplicator can operate on either 115VAC
or 220VAC voltage. Before you turn on the power to the unit, be certain to select
the correct voltage for your region by setting the AC Voltage Selector on the rear
panel. Failure to do so can result in damage to the unit. For more information,
refer page 5.
This manual is suitable for devices