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11.7 Auto Compare
TASCAM Tower CD Duplicator User’s Manual
11.7 Auto Compare
Auto Compare
setting controls auto-comparison of data between source and
target discs after a copy operation. The default setting is
11.8 Auto Prescan
Auto Prescan
setting controls automatic prescan of the source disc whenever
a data/audio disc is inserted in the source drive. The default setting is
11.9 Eject Disc
Eject Disc
setting controls the ejection of discs by the target drive. Three
options are available:
Eject Good Only
– This option ejects only successfully copied discs. This is
the default setting
Eject All Disc
– This option ejects successful and failed copy discs.
Do Not Eject
– With this option, all discs remain in the target drive. Manual
ejection is required after every copy operation.
11.10 Burn on the Fly
Burn on the Fly
function enables you to control the copy operation. When the
setting is
, data is copied directly from the source CD to the target CDs. When
the setting is
, the CD Duplicator first loads the data into a partition on the
hard disk drive, then copies the data to the target CDs.
This function is valid only on the CD-D17HD Tower CD Duplicator, which
features an internal hard disk drive.
11.11 Burn Mode
Burn Mode
setting enables you to select from three writing methods:
Disc At Once (DAO)
Track At Once (TAO)
TAO Not Close
is the default setting.
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