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10. Edit Track (for CD only)
TASCAM Tower CD Duplicator User’s Manual
10. Edit Track (for CD only)
Edit Track
functions enable you to create and copy a collection of songs from
different audio discs.
10.1 CD to CD Edit
CD to CD Edit
function enables you to select specific tracks from various
audio discs, combine them to create a collection of songs, and copy the collection
to blank CD-R/CD-RW discs.
10.2 CD to HDD
function enables you to select one or more tracks from a CD-ROM
and copy them to a specific partition on the hard disk drive. (This applies to the
CD-D17HD only.)
10.3 Play Audio Track
This function is not applicable to either the CD-D13 or CD-D17HD Tower CD
10.4 Close Session
This function finalizes your CD-R disc. Once a CD-R disc is finalized, no more
audio can be added to that disc.
The CD+G value must be set to OFF before you can use the Track
Extraction feature. For more information, refer to “12 Advanced Setup (Adv
Setup)” on page 19.
CD-R discs support up to 80 minutes of audio. Therefore, the number of
tracks that can be copied onto a single disc depends on the length of each
individual track.
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