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TASCAM Tower CD Duplicator User’s Manual
Chapter 3. Tower CD Duplicator Functions
The Tower CD Duplicator features 12 functions: Copy, Test, Test &Copy, Verify,
Compare, Prescan, Disc Info, Select Source, Image, Edit Track, Setup, and
Advanced Setup. Each function is explained below.
1 Copy
function enables you to copy data from a source CD or a partition on
the internal hard disk (if your Tower CD Duplicator features a factory-installed
hard disk drive). For more information, refer to “Basic Operation” on page 8.
To copy data to one of more CD-R discs, follow the steps below:
Switch to function
[1 Copy]
by pressing the
Insert a source disc in the source drive and a blank CD-R disc in as
many of the target drives as you desire.
(Note: The CD-D17HD Tower CD Duplicator features a factory-installed
hard disk drive. If you wish to copy data from a partition on the hard disk,
refer to “Loading Data to and Copying from the Hard Disk Source Drive” on
page 9.)
Press the
When the copy operation is complete, the target drives eject the copied discs.
To make additional copies of the same source disc, insert another blank
CD-R disc in each of the target drives and press the
Otherwise, press
to return to the main menu.
2 Test
function simulates writing to the target disc. Discs will remain blank
after the test is complete. This function is recommended if you are using
unsupported media. This function enables the target drive to adjust its laser to the
proper intensity.
You can use CD-RW discs that already contain data (i.e., CD-RW discs
that are not fully blank) as target discs. However, the data stored on the CD-RW
disc will be erased automatically before the new data is copied. No special
setting or procedure is required to erase the old data.
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