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TASCAM CD-D11U User’s Manual
Chapter 1. Introduction
Thank you for purchasing the TASCAM CD Duplicator unit.
The TASCAM 1x1 CD Duplicator is a stand-alone disc-to-disc CD Duplicator system
that does not require connection to a computer.
However, the TASCAM CD Duplicator does feature a USB port that enables you to
transfer or record files from your computer to the duplicator’s CD-RW (target) drive.
It can duplicate a single master CD to CD-R media at up to 52X speed, resulting in an
exact replica of a 700MB disc in just over three minutes. It can also duplicate discs to
CD-RW media at up to 32X speed.
The TASCAM 1x1 Duplicator is designed to perform CD copying quickly and
The CD Duplicator automatically identifies source CD formats and replicates the
content as required.
The TASCAM 1x1 CD Duplicator performs continuous copying with no waiting. The
TASCAM CD Duplicator is an ideal CD duplicator for the advanced user who requires
speed, accuracy, and reliability.
The unit can be set up very quickly. There is no need to attach cables to your computer
since the TASCAM CD Duplicator can function entirely as a stand-alone unit if
The CD Duplicator also features a hot-swappable USB (Universal Serial Bus) port,
which can be connected to a computer’s USB version 2.0 port for data transfer.
The TASCAM CD Duplicator outputs a line-level signal from the left and right RCA
phono connectors on the rear panel. These outputs can be connected to the left and right
channel inputs on a mixer, amplifier, or powered speakers.
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