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TASCAM CD-D11U User’s Manual
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About This Manual
TASCAM CD Duplicator User’s Manual
explains how to operate the TASCAM CD
Duplicator unit. It is divided into the following chapters:
Chapter 1: Introduction
This chapter describes the shipping package contents and introduces the CD Duplicator
Chapter 2: Using the CD Duplicator
This chapter explains how to set up the CD Duplicator. It also details its basic copy
Chapter 3: CD Duplicator Functions
This chapter explains all available functions of the CD Duplicator.
Appendix A: List of Functions
Appendix A includes a complete list of all CD Duplicator functions.
Appendix B: LCD Messages
Appendix B lists all messages that may appear on the LCD display.
Appendix C: About CD-R and CD-RW Discs:
Appendix C contains information about handling, loading, and ejecting discs.
Appendix D: Specifications
Appendix D includes technical specifications for the TASCAM CD Duplicator unit.
Appendix E: Technical Support and Warranty
This appendix provides technical support information for TASCAM as well as Limited
Warranty information.
This manual is suitable for devices