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User’s Manual
Appendix B. LCD Messages
Normal Conditions
Initialize SDRAM
Initialize the memory of the system.
Detect Drives
Detect drives are connected to the system.
User Abort!
Cancel a job during operation.
Analyze the source disc.
Source Drive Not Ready
Source drive is not ready to read.
Target Drive Not Ready
Target drive is not ready to write.
Source Disc Not Ready
Source disc is not ready to be read.
Target Disc Not Ready
Target disc is not ready to be written to.
Erasing disc
The system is erasing the data on the disc.
Fail to get Drive Info!
The drive information cannot be obtained.
Fail to get Src Disc Info!
The information of the source disc cannot be obtained.
Save new config Fail!
The new configuration setting cannot be saved.
Load Default Config?
Do you want to load the default settings?
Src&Tgt can’t in the same
During comparison, the source and target discs cannot
be in the same channel.
The system is preparing to record.
Check Target Please Wait
The system is checking the target device.
Audio Disc!!! Can’t compare!
The system cannot compare audio discs.
The comparison results are the same.
Read disc error
During comparison, the disc cannot be read.
Cannot read TOC
The system cannot read the contents of the disc.
TOC not match
The comparison results are not the same.
Source Disc Empty!!!
The source disc does not contain any data.
Target overflow
The target disc does not have enough capacity to store
the new data.
Target Disc Not Empty!!!
The target disc still contains data.
Press a Key to Eject Good Disc
Press any key to eject a good disc after copying
Press a Key to Eject Fail Disc
Press any key to eject a failed disc after copying.
CD-RW does not Support the
CD-RW doesn’t support this function.
Hold ESC to exit
Press ESC for one second to terminate the test.
All data will be lost, erase?
All data on the disc will be lost. Confirm erasure of data.
Erase Finished
The erasing of data is complete.
No Eraseable Disc in CD-RW!!
The disc on the CD-RW device is not rewritable.
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