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4 Verify
User’s Manual
4 Verify
This function verifies that the target disc was written completely and with no
5 Compare
The data between source and target discs is compared after the copy process is
6 Prescan
This function is performed in the source drive. It scans the disc to determine the
maximum data/audio extraction speed.
7 Disc Info
This function displays complete information about the source disc, including
sessions, tracks, capacity, etc.
8 Edit Track
Edit Track is designed exclusively for editing a collection of favorite songs from
different audio discs.
8.1 CD to CD Edit
This function enables you to select specific tracks from various audio discs and
combine them to create a collection of favorite songs on a single disc.
8.2 Play Audio Track
This function enables the source drive to function as a music player. If you
connect standard multimedia speakers to the RCA audio jacks on the rear panel of
Note: This function works only with data discs.
Note: The CD+G value must be set to OFF in order to use the Track Extraction
feature. For more information, refer to “10 Advanced Setup (Adv Setup)” on
page 13.
Note: CD-R discs support up to 80 minutes of audio. Therefore, the number of
tracks that can be copied into a single disc depends on the length of each
individual track.
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