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User’s Manual
Chapter 3. CD Duplicator Functions
The CD Duplicator features 10 functions: Copy, Test, Test &Copy, Verify,
Compare, Prescan, Disc Info, Edit Track, Setup, and Advanced Setup. Each
function is explained below.
1 Copy
To copy a disc, insert the source disc in the top drive (source drive) and a
blank disc in the bottom drive (target drive).
Press the ENT button.
The target drive ejects the copied disc after the copy process is complete.
For an additional copy of the same source disc, insert another blank
CD-R disc in the target drive and press the ENT button.
Otherwise, press ESC to return to the main menu.
2 Test
This function simulates writing to the target disc. Discs remain blank after the test
is complete. This function is recommended if you are using non-supported media.
This function enables the target drive to emulate and adjust its laser to a proper
3 Test & Copy
This function performs the test simulation and the copy process in one step.
The copy process is performed only if the simulation detects no problems. If the
simulation fails, the copy process is cancelled.
Note: You can use CD-RW discs that already contain data (i.e., CD-RW discs
that are not fully blank) as target discs. However, the data stored on the CD-RW
disc will be erased automatically before the new data is copied. No special
setting or procedure is required to erase the old data.
Note: Unexpected termination or cancellation of a test will not affect a target
CD-R disc. The target CD-R disc will remain blank and available for use.
However, CD-RW discs that contain data may be damaged and the data they
contained may be rendered unrecoverable. It may be necessary to re-start the
CD Duplicator if the target drive hangs during a sudden termination.
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