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Rear Panel
TASCAM CD-D11U User’s Manual
Rear Panel
Figure 4 illustrates the rear panel of the CD Duplicator unit.
Figure 4. Rear Panel of the CD Duplicator Unit
AC IN power connector:
Connect the included AC power cable to this input
connector. Plug the other end of the power cable into a three-prong receptacle
AC power outlet.
cooling fan:
Ball-bearing fan cools the CD Duplicator.
RCA output jacks:
Connect RCA phono plugs to these left and right stereo
output jacks. (The left channel is white; the right channel is red.) Connect the
other ends of the phono cables to an amplifier, powered speakers, or a
computer soundcard. A stereo audio signal will be output from the source
USB 2.0 port:
Connect an optional USB interface cable from this USB
connector to a USB 2.0 port on your computer. The CD Duplicator will
appear on your computer and function as an external CD-RW drive.
For more information, see Chapter 3, Function 10.11 “Stand Alone and USB
Modes” on page 15.
Do not attempt to bypass the grounding plug. Otherwise, you
risk damage to the unit and electrical shock.
To ensure proper operation, use only the original AC power
cable with your TASCAM CD Duplicator unit.
AC IN power
cooling fan
USB 2.0 port
RCA output
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