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Front Panel
TASCAM CD-D11U User’s Manual
Front Panel
Figure 2 illustrates the front panel of the CD Duplicator unit.
Figure 2. Front Panel of the CD Duplicator Unit
LCD control panel:
Use the control panel buttons to navigate through the
various functions viewed on the LCD display.
Figure 3. LCD Control Panel
The CD Duplicator control panel features an LCD display and four buttons.
These buttons are described in the following table:
Press the Up arrow button to scroll up functions or menus.
Press the Down arrow button to scroll down functions or menus.
Press the ENT (Enter) button to execute a selected function.
Press the ESC (Escape) button to cancel a selected function or go back to
the main menu.
LED power indicator
power switch
target drive disc tray
source drive disc tray
LCD control panel
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