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Energy Sistem ® thank you for buying an Energy™ MP3 Sound System 300. We
hope you will enjoy it.
Stereo sound system with subwoofer that offers a high quality sound and best
deep bass balance.
player from USB flash drive and SD cards, this system
will allow you to enjoy of your favourite music in a versatile way.
More than a
We hope you will read this manual in order to enjoy the product in a safe manner
and with the best performance.
Do not expose your Energy™ MP3 Sound System 300 to shocks, dust, humidity or
high temperatures.
Do not use cleaners or scouring agents.
Keep the unit clean and dust with a soft, dry cloth.
Do not disassemble the device. Any repairs must be done by qualified service and
also by authorised staff only Energy Sistem Soyntec SA
Keep your Energy™ Sound System 300 away from water or moisture, it can be
harmful to both speakers or an amplifier device.
Switch off your Energy™ MP3 Sound System 300 when not in use.
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