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User manual Cinneā„¢ 1000
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5.1 Channel home theater system a technologically advanced amplified
speaker system featuring 5.1 channel output and digital volume controls.
This unit is comprised of four mini magnetically shielded satellite
speakers, one mini magnetically shielded center speaker and one wooden
subwoofer case. It is compatible with DVD player that have DOLBY
DIGITAL (AC3) output, 5.1 channel sound card decoder which has front
output, rear output and center/subwoofer output (ie. AC-3 soundcard). By
this way, it can deliver rich dolby surround sound effect .It is also
compatible with 4.1 channel soundcard decoder, common stereo sound
card and any other audio sources with stereo output to imitate 6-channel
surround effect .All these features will make it very convenient for you to
choose from a variety of audio sources and enjoy its rich sound effect.