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Congratulations on your purchase of the Audio Note (UK) OTO SE Phono Integrated
It is a Pure Class A, Single Ended valve design, which preserves the entire musical
waveform as one
, producing a level of performance that is radically superior
to the majority of current designs.
Part selection is optimized to realize the most neutral and realistic sonic reproduction.
Some of the superior quality components utilized in the OTO SE Phono include: -
Aluminium foil, paper in oil capacitors, used in the most critical areas.
Dual power supplies and transformers, one for the output stage and one for the
remaining circuitry.
Custom designed output transformers, manufactured by Audio Note (UK).
These output transformers – one of the most critical areas of valve amplifier
design – allow the OTO SE to produce impressively extended and controlled
The OTO SE Phono fulfills all Audio Note (UK) Level 2 criteria: -
Pure Class A Single Ended Pentode operation
Materials and component quality
Please take care when unpacking your OTO SE Phono Integrated Amplifier. Choose
a clean, clear location to unpack your unit. Be aware that the amplifier is very heavy;
before attempting to unpack or lift the unit, check the weight and if necessary use
more than one person so that it can be moved safely and easily.
We recommend that you retain and carefully store all of the original packing
materials, in case transportation / shipping is required at a later date.
Select a suitable location for the unit. This should be a dry, dust free and level area,
preferably shielded from direct sunlight and free from vibration. Also ensure that the
location is stable and capable of carrying the weight of the unit.
A suitable mains power outlet must be close to the location; power cords must not be
pulled or stretched tightly in an attempt to reach a wall socket. If the power cord will
not easily reach the socket, choose a closer location!
Please ensure that adequate ventilation for the unit is provided, and that airflow
through any ventilation slots in the unit is not restricted. We recommend a distance of
at least 30cm free space is maintained above the unit. Please also remember that
valve equipment operates at extremely high temperatures, so a position that is
inaccessible to any children or animals is essential.