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July 05
Congratulations and thank you for your purchase of the Audio Note Neiro mono power
amplifiers. The Neiro is a Pure Class A Parallel Singled Ended valve amplifier that uses
the highly regarded 2A3 directly heated triode valve. The Neiro produces a level of
performance that is radically superior to current designs and was specifically designed for
sonic performance rather than technical specifications. It also fulfills all Level 4 criteria.
-Pure Class A operation.
-Zero negative feedback.
-Single ended output stage.
-Valve rectification.
-Directly heated Triode.
-Materials and component quality.
This Level 4 amplifier has the following features: Audio Note silver wiring, Audio Note
copper foil signal capacitors, silver wound secondary on the output transformer and 1 W
Tantalum resistors.
These amplifiers are shipped without the valves installed. It is necessary to install
the valves first. It is
that the valves are installed correctly or
that is not covered by the warranty will result
. We recommend that your
dealer does this for you.
Installing the valves
Please take care when unpacking the amplifiers as they are fairly heavy and place on a
suitable clean space (table or floor) it is recommend that you store the packaging
materials in case the unit requires shipping at a later date.
Carefully unwrap all the valves. You will find 1x 6SN7WGTA, 2 x 2A3 and 1x 5U4G
valves for each amplifier.
Looking from the front of the amplifier, the first valve to insert is the 6SN7WGTA valve
which goes into the first valve base at the front of the amplifier.
Inspect the locating pin on the bottom center of the valve and align with the valve base
(the locating pin can only go in one way round due to a locating spigot) and with gentle
but firm pressure insert the valve.
Looking from the front of the amplifier, the next valve to plug in is the 5U4G valve
which goes into the last valve base at the back of the amplifier.
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