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Safety Information
HEAT: By the nature of vacuum tubes, this product generates high levels of
heat. Adequate ventilation must be provided. Do not restrict the airflow
through any of the ventilation slots or place the amplifier on any surface that
may restrict airflow.
CAUTION: The vacuum tubes and other nearby parts operate at extremely
high temperatures - KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
HUMIDITY: Do not store or operate this unit in areas of high humidity or in
close proximity to water. Do not expose the unit to liquid.
EARTHING: The product must be earthed - ensure that the mains supply cable
is earthed.
SAFETY COMPONENTS: Internal fuses and other safety components are
located inside this unit in accordance with BS 60065 requirements. In the
event of component failure, replacements must be of the same part type. Such
replacements must be carried out by a qualified service technician.
SHOCK: Internal operating voltages are lethal. Do not remove the top cover.
Do not replace fuse without first disconnecting the unit from the mains
This product complies with CE standards
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