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Cleaning the pre-amplifier is best done with a soft brush - some photographic stores
are able to provide suitable brushes. Alternatively, a soft cotton cloth may be used
with a mild propriety cleaner for removing dirt build-up. Strong or alcohol based
solvents may damage the finish of this product. Ensure the pre-amplifier is switched
off and cold when cleaning. Do not wet the unit.
Replacing and Upgrading the Valves
Replacement NOS valves can be purchased from Audio Note when valves fail or
should you wish to experiment with different types of valves. A list of valves and
equivalents can be found at Contact your dealer if you are
unsure what valves you should use or how to install them.
Line and phono stage valves should provide you with 5 years of continuous operation,
rectifier valves should last much longer.
Warranty and Servicing
Audio Note warrants that this product will be free from defects in materials and
workmanship for one year from the original date of purchase from an appointed
Audio Note dealer. The valves are warranted for three months.
In the event that your Audio Note product requires servicing, please contact your
Audio Note dealer. If the component needs to be shipped, please use the original
packaging materials and include a copy of the sales purchase with a note, explaining,
in as much detail as possible, the problems that your are experiencing with the unit.
Any modification not authorised by Audio Note will invalidate any warranty.
This manual is suitable for devices