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Ground Post
A ground connection is provided to assist in the elimination of any ground loops that
may occur. A ground loop can be identified by excessive background hum. If you
experience a ground loop, try connecting the ground connection with that of other
system components. If the hum persists, contact your dealer.
Mains Power
An IEC power connector is located on the back of the M1 Phono. Use the supplied
power cable to connect the pre-amplifier to the mains supply. Ensure the power is off
at the switch when you do this.
Using the M1 Phono
Once all the connections are completed and checked, make sure all power amplifiers
are off and flip the mains rocker switch located on the back panel of the pre-amplifier
to the 'on' position.
The M1 Phono is a vacuum tube design and therefore requires about 45 seconds
warm-up time. After this the remaining system components may be turned on.
NOTE: Always turn the pre-amplifier on before turning on the power amplifier and
always turn the power amplifier off before turning off the pre-amplifier. This will
prevent any buzzing or popping sounds from occurring.
In order to use the line inputs or phono input, select 'source' and the appropriate input.
To listen to a tape select 'tape', the position of the source selector will not affect the
output when 'tape' is selected. The volume control adjusts the overall output level of
the pre-amplifier while the balance control can be used to correct minor imbalances in
the stereo image. The balance control provides 9dB of attenuation for each channel. It
will not reduce the volume of either channel to zero.
The M1 Phono will improve over time and will start to sound increasingly well
balanced. This is because of the “bedding in” time taken by new electrical
components inside the unit. Also, the pre-amplifier’s sound quality improves as the
unit reaches its normal, stable operating temperature. Only a rear panel on/off switch
is provided as the unit is designed for continuous operation. The M1 Phono need not
be switched off each time after use. It is interesting to note that continuous operation
not only results in optimum sonic performance (since the unit is maintaining a
constant operating temperature) but also causes less electrical stress and so extends
component and valve life.
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