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Please ensure that the M1 Phono, the power amplifier and any source equipment is
switched off before making any connections.
NOTE: It is important that all connections are firm, secure and airtight; any
oxidisation of the interconnects will result in loss of performance. Always use high
quality interconnects; Audio Note interconnects are recommended, as they are
manufactured to the same exacting standards as all of our products.
The M1 Phono offers three standard unbalanced line inputs, one phono input and a
tape input. The inputs each consist of a pair of RCA connectors, one red and one
white, for right and left channels respectively.
The line inputs and tape input are suitable for connection to any line level source
equipment, such as a CD or DVD player.
The phono input is suitable for connection to a turntable with a moving magnet (MM)
type cartridge. Turntables with moving coil (MC) type cartridges will require a step-
up transformer between the turntable and the pre-amplifier; Audio Note produce some
of the best step-up transformers available.
The M1 Phono provides two unbalanced outputs and a tape output. Again, all of these
outputs consist of a pair of colour coded RCA connectors.
The two main outputs are for connection to a power amplifier and are identical,
making them suitable for biwiring.
The tape output is routed directly from the input selection switch; this provides a
suitable level for recording. The tape input is not routed to the tape output.
Feedback switches
Two feedback switches are located next to the ground terminal on the rear panel.
These are used for matching the pre-amplifier to the rest of your system. Set the
switches to the 'on' position if any of the following apply, when in doubt, choose the
setting that provides the best sonic performance:
If the volume control is too sensitive.
If the interconnects between the pre-amplifier and the power amplifier are
longer than 3 metres.
If your amplifier has an input impedance of less than 50kO
NOTE: Always turn the power off before adjusting the feedback switches. Ensure that
both feedback switches are in the same position.
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