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Once all the connections are completed and checked, make sure all power amplifiers are off and flip
the mains rocker switch located on the back panel of the pre-amplifier to the 'on' position.
The M Zero is a vacuum tube design and therefore requires about 45 seconds warm-up time. After this the
remaining system components may now be turned on.
In order to use the line inputs, select 'source' and the appropriate input. To listen to a tape select 'tape',
the position of the source selector will not affect the output when 'tape' is selected.
The volume control adjusts the overall output level of the pre-amplifier while the balance control can be
used to correct minor imbalances in the stereo image. The balance control provides 9dB of attenuation
for each channel. It will not reduce the volume of either channel to zero.
Bedding-in time
The pre-amplifier requires around 200 hours of initial use (called 'bedding-in time') before the circuitry
becomes stable and optimum performance is realised. As the pre-amplifier beds in, the sound will
become more lucid, detailed and expansive.
After the initial bedding-in, a short warm-up period is required each time the unit is turned on before
optimum sonic performance is reached.
The M Zero is designed for continuous operation and may remain switched on, even when not in use. You
may, however, prefer to turn the unit off between uses by using the power switch located on the back
panel, next to the mains inlet socket.
Always turn the pre-amplifier(s) on before turning on the power amplifier and always turn the
power amplifier off before turning off the pre-amplifier. This will prevent any buzzing or popping
sounds from occurring.
Cleaning the M Zero is best done with a soft brush - some photographic stores are able to provide
suitable brushes. Alternatively, a soft cotton cloth may be used with a mild propriety cleaner for removing
dirt build-up. Strong or alcohol based solvents may damage the finish of this amplifier. Ensure the
pre-amplifieris switched off and cold when cleaning. Do not wet the unit.
Replacing the vacuum tubes
The vacuum tubes in the M Zero are carefully selected from Audio Note's vast stock to provide optimum
performance and reliability. Should these tubes require replacement, please contact your Audio Note
dealer, who will be able to supply the correct parts.
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