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Introduction to the M Zero pre-amplifier
Congratulations on your purchase of the Audio Note M Zero level 0 pre-amplifier.
Audio Note Level System
Level 0 denotes our entry level equipment. Do not be fooled by the low level; even though our level 0
products do not use the technological features that our higher level products are categorised by, they
still use superb quality components and are designed and constructed to a very exacting standard.
These products are also excellent value for money, beating our competitor's 'higher level' products on
both price and sound.
The M Zero
The M Zero is a Zero chassis style line pre-amplifier with 5 inputs, tape loop and two outputs. It features a
zero feedback 6111WA dual triode output stage.
The M Zero incorporates vacuum tube technology to produce the most accurate sound possible. We
have developed the M Zero using a "comparison by contrast"* technique of aural evaluation - a system
that is currently unique to Audio Note.
Please read this manual carefully in order to obtain the best possible performance and longevity from
your pre-amplifier.
*An essay dubbed "Audio Hell" which describes this system is available from Audio Note on request.
Unpacking and installation
Please ensure care is taken when unpacking the pre-amplifier. We recommend that you store the
packing materials in case the unit requires shipping at a later date. Also, check that no transit damage
has occurred before installing the pre-amplifier.
Select a suitable location for the unit, ensuring that adequate ventilation is provided as the pre-amplifier
generates considerable heat during normal operation. Avoid sitting the M Zero close to any other
equipment, such as a power amplifier, that may be generating a strong magnetic field, or in close
proximity to active mobile telephones.
The M Zero is capable of driving long interconnects to power amplifiers and so, if you are using mono
block amplifiers, it may be worthwhile to locate them close to the speakers. This will reduce the speaker
cable lengths and provide sonic improvements.
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