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July 05
The other red speaker output binding post is marked “4 Ohm” and may be used with 4
Ohm speakers. If you are uncertain whether your speaker system is of 4 or 8 Ohm type,
try the following test once all other connections are made and the amplifier is operational.
Compare the sound quality using a familiar recording with the speakers connected to the
8 ohm connections and then the 4 Ohm connections respectively. The selection that
produces the best frequency balance and maximum dynamics should be used.
Both amplifiers have an IEC mains inlet socket. Use the supplied mains cable to connect
the unit to the local mains supply. The mains fuse and a spare is located in the inlet
socket fuse drawer. The mains cable must be removed to access the fuse or fuses.
Special Note – Make sure that all connection are tight and clean. For best results use
good quality audio interlinks. Although several companies make good quality interlinks
those manufactured by Audio Note give the best performance with Audio Note Amplifiers.
Once all the connections are completed and checked, turn on the amplifier by using the
rocker switch located on the rear top right of the back panel just above mains inlet socket.
The amplifier requires approximately two minutes initializing time before it is ready for
operation. During this time ensure that the volume control on your preamplifier is at the
minimum setting.
A new amplifier requires about 200 hours of initial use (called “bedding in time”) before
the circuitry becomes stable and optimum performance is realized. As the amplifier “beds
in” the sound will become increasingly smoother, detailed and open. Once the amplifier
has “bed in”, a warm up time of approximately 30 to 45 minutes is required each time the
amplifiers are switched on before optimum sonic performance is reached.
CAUTION – Valves can reach very high operating temperatures when in use and
can cause burns if touched.
No special maintenance is required for the amplifier. A small feather or wool duster is
excellent for removing household dust from the valves and chassis. Fingerprints and such
may be cleaned with a soft cloth. Use a soft cloth dampened in mild, warm and weak
soapy solution to remove grease or oily substances. Strong or alcohol based solvents may
damage the finish on the amplifier. Dust or clean the amplifiers only when switched off
and “cold”.
The valves used in the amplifiers should provide at least 6000 hours of operation. These
valves are specially selected and carefully matched by Audio Note for use with the
Conquerer and should only be replaced with matched pairs.
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