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July 05
Inspect the locating pin on the bottom center of the valve and align with the valve base
(the locating pin can only go in one way round due to a locating spigot) and with gentle
but firm pressure insert the valve.
Looking from the front of the amplifier, the next valves to install are the 300B valves
which are inserted into the two 4 pin valve bases in the middle of the amplifier.
It is absolutely vital that these valves are fitted correctly
(1) The larger pins must face the front of the amplifier when fitted to their valve bases.
(2) The sticker on the valve base must also line up with the sticker on the copper top
plate, that is, A to A, B to B etc., or
1 to 1, 2 to 2 and so on.
Please make sure that both (1) and (2) are correct and with gentle but firm pressure insert
the valves into their sockets.
Check again that all valves are fully inserted in the correct way to their respective valve
Select a suitable location for the unit ensuring that adequate ventilation clearance is
provided allowing at least 30cm of space above the unit. This is an important
consideration as the amplifier generates substantial heat during normal operation. Be sure
not to install the amplifier into a cabinet with restricted air flow or onto a thick pile
In the interest of safe, reliable operation situate the amplifier away from dampness or
direct sunlight. Site the unit on a flat and firm surface capable of sustaining the
amplifier’s weight. Worthwhile sonic improvements may be obtained by locating the
amplifier on a purposely designed audio support system.
The amplifier has two RCA sockets on the back panel for connection to your preamplifier
marked as Input. The sockets are colour coded Black for Left channel and Red for Right
The amplifier is equipped with three colour coded standard binding posts for each
channel for connection to your speakers.
Connect the amplifiers black speaker output binding post marked as “ 0 ” to the black
terminal (also marked “ – “) on the speaker.
Connect the amplifiers red speaker output binding post marked “8 Ohm” to the red
terminal (also marked “ + “) on the speaker.
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