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Please take care when unpacking you
re AN-E loudspeakers. Choose a clean, clear
location to unpack them. Be aware that each loudspeaker is heavy; before attempting
to unpack or lift them, check their weight and if necessary use more than one person
so that they can be moved safely and easily.
We recommend that you retain and carefully store all of the original packing
materials, in case transportation / shipping is required at a later date.
Select a suitable location for the loudspeakers. This should be a dry, dust free and
level area, preferably shielded from direct sunlight and free from vibration. Also
ensure that the location is stable and capable of carrying the weight of the each
loudspeaker and its stand.
For optimal tonal balance, the AN-E
should be used on a spiked, high mass stand,
around 24 - 27cm (10 inches) in height (available separately), so that the tweeter is
positioned at roughly ear height for the chosen listening position.
The ported enclosure of the AN-E has been designed to be placed close to room
boundaries, where the bass performance is augmented significantly by the additional
reinforcement from the nearby walls.
Some experimentation is advised when choosing a suitable location to obtain the best
in room
. All rooms are different, both physically and more importantly
acoustically, so there are no definitive rules regarding loudspeaker positioning.
However, we generally recommend placing the loudspeakers in corners or at least
against a solid rear wall; this is the best
starting point
to work from. If bass
performance is too strong, slowly move the loudspeakers further into the room,
making sure that the distance between the rear and side walls remains the same for
both loudspeakers.
If there is a noticeable
in the middle of the two loudspeakers, producing a
left / right
effect, move them closer together in small increments, until a
solid, central presentation is achieved.
You may also find a degree of
to be appropriate; angle the loudspeakers so
that both front faces are visible and pointing directly towards the main listening
position. A few degrees of movement in either direction – revealing more or less of
the cabinet sidewalls when viewed from the listening position – may also be
Once a suitable position offering the most acceptable bass and stereo presentation
has been found, make sure the loudspeakers are level and securely positioned. The
use of a spirit level for accurate levelling is advised, and a small amount of
Blue Tack
will secure the loudspeaker cabinets to their stands.
If you experience any difficulty positioning you
re AN-E satisfactorily, please consult
your Audio Note (UK) Dealer, who will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, please
contact us directly.
As we design all our speakers to be primarily used with good valve amplification the
AN-E will always perform at its best when partnered with a suitably composed Audio
Note (UK) system.
However, it will also give good results when partnered with a wider range of valve and
transistor amplifiers.
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