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Quick Tour
This section identifies the various components of the TOSHIBA
Mobile LCD Monitor. For a description of each component, please
refer to the illustration and table below:
Mini USB port
Connection point for the provided USB Y cable,
used to connect the LCD monitor to your computer,
and provides video signal and power to the LCD
Power button
Used to turn the LCD monitor ON/OFF or turn the
monitor backlight ON/OFF. The Power button light
will glow green when the monitor and backlight are
Press once to place the LCD monitor in stand by
mode, the power light glows orange. When used in
extended mode, the image on the mobile LCD
monitor will not return to the computer unless it is
turned off or disconnected.
Press and hold the Power button for about two
seconds to turn the monitor OFF. The Power button
light will not glow.
control (down)
Used to decrease the brightness of the LCD
Mini USB port
Power button
Brightness (down)
Brightness (up)
DC-IN 19V jack