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Safety Instructions
Always read the safety instructions carefully:
Do not disassemble, modify, tamper with or repair the
Do not attempt to disassemble, modify, tamper with or repair the
product. Disassembly, modification, tampering or repairing the
product could cause fire or electric shock, possibly resulting in serious
Choking hazards
Never leave small parts such as covers, caps and screws within the
reach of infants or small children. Swallowing a small part may cause
choking and suffocation, possibly resulting in death or serious injury.
If a part is swallowed, immediately take appropriate emergency action
and consult a doctor.
Avoid liquids, moisture and foreign objects
Never allow any liquids to spill into any part of the product, and never
expose the product to rain, water, seawater or moisture. Exposure to
liquid or moisture can cause electric shock or fire, possibly resulting
in damage or serious injury. If any of these eventualities should
accidentally occur, immediately:
Turn off the product.
Disconnect the power cord/cable from the power plug socket
and product.
Do not turn on the power again until you have taken the product
to an authorized service center. Failure to follow these
instructions could result in serious injury or permanent damage
to the product.
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) safety
Never touch the LCD if it is damaged or broken, as the liquid contained
within the monitor may leak, possibly resulting in serious injury.
Dispose of any damaged LCD in compliance with local laws and/or
If the LCD panel is damaged, causing a liquid crystal leak, never ingest
or touch the liquid. Serious injury could result.
If LCD liquid should accidentally contact any part of your body, always
use large amounts of water to wash it off immediately.
If LCD liquid should accidentally contact your eyes, always rinse them
immediately with large amounts of water and obtain prompt medical
If any of the LCD liquid contacts your clothes, remove them
immediately and wash them.
Failure to follow these instructions may result in serious injury.