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Perform the following steps before every use of
the machine:
Check fuel mixture level
Check bar lubrication
Check chain sharpness
NOTE: Chain sharpening is a complicated task
that requires special tools. We recommend that
you refer chain sharpening to a professional
chain sharpener.
Check chain tension
Inspect and clean the guide bar
Check for damaged parts
Check for loose caps
Check for loose fasteners
Check for loose parts
Check for fuel and oil leaks
NOTE: It is normal for a small amount of oil to
appear under the saw after the engine stops.
Do not confuse this with a leaking oil tank.
WARNING: Be sure to read the fuel
handling information in the safety rules
section of this manual before you begin.
If you do not understand the fuel
handling information do not attempt to
fuel your unit. Seek help from someone
that does understand the information or
call the consumer assistance help line.
WARNING: Remove the fuel cap
slowly when fueling.
This equipment is designed to operate on
unleaded gasoline with a minimum 87 octane
(R+M/2 method), with ethanol blended up to
10% maximum by volume (E-10).
Before operation, gasoline must be mixed with
a good quality full synthetic 2-cycle air-cooled
engine oil designed to be mixed at a ratio of
A 50:1 ratio is obtained by mixing 2.6 fluid
ounces of full synthetic oil with 1 gallon of
unleaded gasoline. DO NOT USE automotive
oil or marine oil. These oils will cause engine
When mixing fuel, follow the instructions printed
on the container. Once the oil is added to the
gasoline, shake the container momentarily to
assure that the fuel is thoroughly mixed.
Fill the fuel tank completely with properly mixed
Always read and follow the safety rules relating
to fuel before fueling your unit.
Purchase fuel in quantities that can be used
within 30 days to assure fuel freshness.
During storage of your fuel
mixture, the oil will
separate from the gasoline.
Shake the fuel can weekly
to insure proper blending of
the gasoline and oil.
CAUTION: Never use unmixed gasoline in your
unit. This will cause permanent engine damage
and void the limited warranty.
CAUTION: Do not use alternate fuels such as
ethanol blends above 10% by volume (E-15, E-
85) or any methanol blended fuel. Use of these
fuels can cause major engine performance
problems and void the limited warranty.
The bar and chain require continuous
lubrication. Lubrication is provided by the
automatic oiler system when the oil tank is kept
filled. Lack of oil will quickly ruin the bar and
chain. Too little oil will cause overheating
shown by smoke coming from the chain and/or
discoloration of the bar. In freezing weather oil
will thicken, making it necessary to thin bar and
chain oil with a small amount (5 to 10%) of #1
diesel fuel or kerosene. Bar and chain oil must
be free flowing for the oil system to pump
enough oil for adequate lubrication.
If bar and chain oil is not available, use a good
grade SAE 30 oil.
Fill the oil tank completely with oil.
CAUTION: Never use waste oil for bar and
chain lubrication.
CAUTION: Always stop the engine before
removing the oil cap.
1. Lay the chainsaw on a
flat surface. The cutting
attachment must not be
in contact with the
2. Lock the chain brake by
pushing forward on the
3. Place your left hand on
the handlebar and your
right hand on the starter rope. Push your
right foot into the rear handle to stabilize the
4. Follow the starting instructions.