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Follow all maintenance instructions in this manual.
All service, other than the maintenance procedures described in
this manual, should be performed by a Sears or other qualified
service dealer.
Do not use the unit if it is not working correctly, has been
dropped, damaged, left outdoors or dropped into water. Have
the unit serviced by a Sears or other qualified service dealer.
Before inspecting, servicing, cleaning, storing, transporting or
replacing any parts on the unit:
1. Stop the unit.
2. Make sure all moving parts have stopped.
3. Allow the unit to cool.
4. Disconnect the spark plug wire.
Secure the unit while transporting.
Always use the scabbard on the guide bar and saw chain during
transportation and storage.
Always store the unit and fuel in a cool, dry and well-ventilated
space. Do not store fuel, or a unit with fuel in the tank, indoors
where fumes may reach open flames (pilot lights, etc.) or sparks
(switches, electrical motors, etc.).
Store the unit in a dry place, secured or at a height to prevent
unauthorized use or damage. Keep the unit out of the reach of
Never douse or squirt the unit with water or any other liquid. Keep
handles dry, clean and free from debris, oil, fuel and grease. Clean
the unit after each use. Refer to
Cleaning and Storage
. Do not use
solvents or strong detergents.
Keep these instructions. Refer to them often and use them to
instruct other users. If you loan this unit to others, also loan
them these instructions.
Only use wedges made of wood or plastic. Do not use metal to
hold a cut open.
Follow the manufacturer’s sharpening and maintenance
instructions for the saw chain.
Only use replacement bars and chains specified by the
manufacturer or the equivalent. These are available from a Sears
or other qualified service dealer. Use of any unauthorized parts
or accessories could lead to serious injury to the operator or
damage to the unit and will void the warranty.
Use devices that reduce the risks associated with kickback,
such as low-kickback chains, guide bar nose guards, chain
brakes and low-kickback guide bars. There are no other
replacement components for achieving kickback protection in
accordance with CSA Z62.3.
A low-kickback saw chain is a chain that has met the kickback
performance requirements of ANSI/OPEI B175.1-2012 when
tested according to the provisions specified in ANSI/OPEI
B175.1-2012. A low-kickback saw chain is a chain that is also in
accordance with CSA Z62.3. Do not use a replacement saw
chain unless it has met these requirements for this specific
model or has been designated as a low-kickback replacement
saw chain in accordance with ANSI/OPEI B175.1-2012. As saw
chains are sharpened, some of the low-kickback qualities are
lost and extra caution should be used.
Do not install a bow guide on this unit. Bow guides have larger
kickback zones, which increase the chance of kickback and
serious injury. This increase is not significantly reduced by using
a low-kickback saw chain. Using a bow guide on this unit is
extremely dangerous.
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