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Congratulations on making a smart purchase.
Your new Craftsman® product is designed and manufactured for years of dependable
operation. But like all products, it may require repair from time to time. That’s when having a Repair Protection Agreement can save you
money and aggravation.
Here’s what the Repair Protection Agreement* includes:
Expert service
by our 10,000 professional repair specialists
Unlimited service and no charge
for parts and labor on all covered repairs
Product replacement
up to $1500 if your covered product can’t be fixed
Discount of 25%
from regular price of service and related installed parts not covered by the agreement; also, 25% off regular price of
preventive maintenance check
Fast help by phone –
we call it Rapid Resolution - phone support from a Sears representative. Think of us as a “talking owner’s manual.”
Once you purchase the Repair Protection Agreement, a simple phone call is all that it takes for you to schedule service. You can call anytime
day or night, or schedule a service appointment online.
The Repair Protection Agreement is a risk-free purchase. If you cancel for any reason during the product warranty period, we will provide a
full refund. Or, a prorated refund anytime after the product warranty period expires. Purchase your Repair Protection Agreement today!
Some limitations and exclusions apply. For prices and additional information in the U.S.A. call 1-800-827-6655.
*Coverage in Canada varies on some items. For full details call Sears Canada at 1-800-361-6665.
Sears Installation Service
For Sears professional installation
of home appliances, garage door openers, water heaters, and other major home items, in the U.S.A. or
Canada call
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