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Firmly encircle the handles with the thumbs and fingers (Fig. 6).
This will help reduce the chance of losing control of the unit if
kickback occurs. Any grip with thumbs and fingers on the same
side of the handles is dangerous (Fig. 7).
Always grip the unit firmly with both hands when the unit is
Hold the front handle with the left hand. Keep the left arm
straight to help withstand potential kickback.
Hold the rear handle with the right hand. Keep the right arm
slightly bent.
Use these hand placements whether the operator is left-handed
or right-handed. This will help keep the operator slightly to the
left of the unit and out of the direct line of the chain saw if
kickback occurs (Fig. 8 and Fig. 9).
Stand in a stable position with feet apart and firmly planted.
Do not cut above shoulder height. Do not overreach.
Start the unit. Refer to
Starting Instructions
in the
Starting and
Keep your fingers off the throttle control until you are ready to
make a cut.
Accelerate the unit to full speed before cutting.
Press the unit against the wood and maintain a firm, steady
pressure through most of the cut. Do not put pressure on the
unit at the end of the cut.
Maintain a steady speed throughout the cut. Keep the unit
running through the entire cut.
Do not try to force the saw through the wood. Allow the saw
chain to do the cutting. Exert only light pressure. Forcing the cut
could result in damage to the unit or personal injury.
Release the throttle control as soon as the cut is completed.
Allow the saw chain to come to a complete stop. The saw chain,
guide bar and engine may experience unnecessary wear if the
unit is run without a cutting load.
Always hold the front handle with the left
hand and the rear handle with the right hand. Always keep
all body parts to the left of the chain line.
Fig. 6
Fig. 7
Fig. 8
Correct Stance
Fig. 9
Correct Grip
Thumbs Below the Handles
Incorrect Grip
Above the
Chain Line
Incorrect Stance
Chain Line
Clear the area of children, bystanders and pets; keep them
outside a 50-foot (15 m) radius, at a minimum. Even then, they
are still at risk from thrown objects. Encourage bystanders to
wear eye protection. If you are approached, stop the unit
immediately. When felling, the safe distance is at least twice the
height of the tallest tree in the work area. When bucking, keep
workers at least 15 feet (4.6 m) apart.
Keep the work area clean. Cluttered areas invite injuries. Do not
start cutting until the work area is clear and free from
obstructions. Make sure there is secure footing and a planned
retreat path from falling trees or branches.
Do not cut near electrical cables or power lines. Keep at least 50
feet (15 m) away from all power lines.
Use the unit only in daylight or good artificial light.
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