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The primary source of X-RADIATION in the television receiver is the picture tube. The picture tube is specially
constructed to limit X-RADIATION emissions. For continued X-RADIATION protection, the replacement tube
must be the same type as the original including suffix letter. Excessive high voltage may produce potentially
hazardous X-RADIATION. To avoid such hazards, the high voltage must be maintained within specified limit.
Refer to this service manual, high voltage adjustment for specific high voltage limit. If high voltage exceeds
specified limits, take necessary corrective action. Carefully follow the instructions for +B1 volt power supply
adjustment, and high voltage adjustment to maintain the high voltage within the specified limits.
Product safety should be considered when a component replacement is made in any area of a receiver.
Components indicated by mark
in the parts list and the schematic diagram designate components in which
safety can be of special significance. It is particularly recommended that only parts designated on the parts list in
this manual be used for component replacement designated by mark
. No deviations from resistance wattage
or voltage ratings may be made for replacement items designated by mark
1: An isolation transformer should be connected in the
power line between the receiver and the AC line
when a service is performed on the primary of the
converter transformer of the set.
2: Comply with all caution and safety-related notes
provided on the cabinet back, inside the cabinet, on
the chassis or the picture tube.
3: When replacing a chassis in the cabinet, always be
certain that all the protective devices are installed
properly, such as, control knobs, adjustment covers
or shields, barriers, isolation resistor-capacitor networks
etc. Before returning any television to the customer,
the service technician must be sure that it is completely
safe to operate without danger of electrical shock.
Power source
AC 220~240V, 50Hz
Television system
System B/G, I, D/K, L/L’
Colour system
Receiving channel
UHF: 21~69
VHF: E2-E12, F2-F10, R1-R12.
CATV: X, Y, Z, S1-S41, B-Q
Aerial input impedance
Rear AV terminal
CENELEC standard
Composite video, RGB and Audio L/R
TV-output with composite video and audio L/R
CENELEC standard
Composite video, RGB, S-VHS and Audio L/R
Monitor output with composite video and Audio L/R
Front AV terminal
RCA jacks
Composite video and Audio L/R
Sound output(Music)
12 x 2
Dimensions (WxHxD)
880 x 575 x 549mm
49.8 Kg
Important recycling information.
Your SANYO product is designed and manufactured with high quality
materials and components which can be recycled and reused.
This symbol means that electrical and electronic equipment, at their
end-of-life, should be disposed of separately from your household
Please dispose of this equipment at your local community waste collec-
tion / recycling centre.
In the European Union there are separate collection systems for used electrical and electronic
Please help us to conserve the environment we live in!
This symbol mark and recycle system are applied only to EU countries and are not applied
to other countries of the world.
This manual is suitable for devices