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Manual type:Service Manual
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These parts are identified by many electrical and mechanical parts in this chassis have
special safety-related characteristics.
It is essential that these special safety parts should be replaced with the same
components as recommended in this manual to prevent X-RADIATION, Shock, Fire, or
other Hazards.
Do not modify the original design without permission of the manufacturer.
General Guidance
An Isolation Transformer should always be used during the servicing of a receiver whose
chassis is not isolated from the AC power line. Use a transformer of adequate power
rating as this protects the technician from accidents that might result in personal injury
caused by electrical shocks.
It will also protect the receiver and it’s components from being damaged by accidental
shorts of the circuitry that might be inadvertently introduced during the service operation.
If any fuse (or Fusible Resistor) in this TV receiver is blown, replace it with a specified
When replacing a high wattage resistor (Oxide Metal Film Resistor, over 1W), keep the
resistor 10mm away from PCB.
Keep wires away from high voltage or high temperature parts.
Due to the high vacuum and large surface area of the picture tube, extreme care should
be taken in handling the Picture Tube. Do not lift the Picture Tube by its Neck.
X-RAY Radiation
The source of X-RAY RADIATION in this TV receiver is the High Voltage Section and the
Picture Tube.
For continued X-RAY RADIATION protection, the replacement tube must be of the same
type as specified in the Replacement Parts List.
Before returning the receiver to the customer,
Always perform an AC leakage current check on the exposed metallic parts of the
cabinet, such as antennas, terminals, etc., to make sure that the set is safe to operate
without any danger of electrical shock.
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