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General Description
This section covers the features and specifications of the plain paper facsimile transceiver "Panasonic UF-585/595". This fax
machine can transmit and receive on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in modes conforming to ITU-T Group 3
General Features and Functions
1. Laser Printing
Clear picture quality is obtained by employing a Laser printing method on plain paper. The machine can print onto A4, Letter
or Legal size paper.
2. Quick Scan
Quick Scan speeds up the fax process by scanning the documents into memory at a rate of approximately 6* seconds per
(*Standard Resolution, based on ITU-T Image No. 1 Test Chart.
The scanning speed applies to the feeding process from the
leading to the lagging edge of a single page test chart.
The time for the storing process is not applied for this definition.)
3. Easy Maintenance
This laser printing mechanism only requires changing the toner cartridge, housing the drum and toner.
Unlike other machines with removable EPROM (Erasable Programmable ROM), this machine is equipped with a F-ROM
(Flash ROM).
F-ROM offers the flexibility of quick and easy firmware updates, creation of a master firmware card, backup
and restore of firmware and machine parameters.
4. Panasonic Super Smoothing
The machine incorporates a new sophisticated image processing technology to enhance print quality of ordinary received fax
images by smoothing the curved edges of the character.
5. A4 size Scanning
A4 size is the maximum document width that can be scanned and transmitted.
10.1 in (257 mm) is the maximum document width that can be loaded into the ADF, however only A4 width will be
6. Automatic Document Feeder
An Automatic Document Feeder feeds originals from the document tray automatically, starting with the bottom page.
Capacity: 30 documents of average thickness and of the same size.
7. Speedy Transmission
Short Protocol reduces hand-shake time by shortening Phase B and D.
8. Error Correction Mode (ECM)
An Error Correction Mode, which conforms to ITU-T Recommendations, allows error-free data transmission. ECM with MMR
Coding also conforms to ITU-T Recommendations.
9. Automatic Dialing Function
Up to 100 stations can be easily dialed by One-Touch Dialing or Abbreviated Dialing Function. Any other stations can be
dialed directly from the keypad by entering the full telephone number (up to 12 stations).
10. Memory Transmission
The contents of a document can be stored into the document memory first, then transmitted from memory. Operator
attendance until transmission ends is not necessary.
11. Multi-station Transmission
Using the document memory, the document can be transmitted to multiple destinations.
Max. Document Size
Document Thickness
Up to 20 pages
A4 / Letter / Legal
0.0024 to 0.0048 in
Up to 30 pages
A4 / Letter Size
0.0024 to 0.0039 in
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