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4 Alignments and Adjustments
4-5-4 How to Adjust PixelShift
1. PixelShift : On <-> Off
This function protects a displayed image from sticking when the same image is displayed for an extended
period of time.
PixelShift On : 0x01 for EEPROM 0x2E
PixelShift Off : Others
Please see the below figure for movement path.
It takes 4 minutes for 1-step movement. (32 steps = 128
Location is reset when : Power is On or Off.
Image mode is changed.
User operates a key.
Location is not reset in Service Menu.
Note : When position is set to the minimum or maximum, it does not move smaller or larger.
Figure 4-14.
Figure 4-15.
Figure 4-16.