Nikon AF-S Nikkor 400mm f/2.8G ED VR Service Manual download (Page 4 of 112)

Manual type:Service Manual
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- D 3・AF-S VR400/2.8G -
2nd lens-G
1.5th lens-G unit
Remove the 1st lens-G head rubber and 1st lens-G unit.
Remove the 1.5th lens-G unit with the wrench (J11350).
Fasten the focus drive section with the focus Ixing pin.
Then, detach the retaining ring (#49) with a
wrench (J11351), and remove the 2nd lens group.
Refer to Page 37 for how to fasten with the focus
Ixing pin.
1st lens-G unit
1st lens-G head rubber
2nd lens group, 1.5th lens-G unit, 1st lens-G unit
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