Nikon AF-S Nikkor 400mm f/2.8G ED VR Service Manual download (Page 2 of 112)

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- D ±・AF-S VR400/2.8G -
When disassembling/(re)assembling, be sure to use the conductive mat (J5033) and wrist strap
(J5033-5) for static protection of electrical parts.
When disassembling, make sure to memorize the processing state of wires, screws to be �xed and
their types, etc.
Because prototypes are used for "1. Disassembly" and "2. Assembly/Adjustment", they may differ
from the actual products in forms, etc.
Because pictures are processed by a special method, they may differ from the actual ones in texture.
This lens also has the VR (vibration-reduction) unit mounted in order to correct camera shake.
To keep the accuracy of this function for stabilizing the image, in case the gyro FPC, main PCB, or the
VR unit-assy is replaced, be sure to make the VR adjustment by using the VR lens adjustment equipment
However, except for disassembling the above components, the VR adjustment is NOT necessary,
so at repair service facilities where the "VR lens adjustment equipment" is not prepared, do NOT disassemble
NOR repair the products of the above cases.
Lead-free solder is used for this product.
For soldering work, the special solder and soldering iron are required.
Do NOT mix up lead-free solder with traditional solder.
Use the special soldering iron respectively for lead-free solder and lead solder.
They cannot be used in common.
Points to notice for Lead-free solder products
Before Disassembly / Reassembly / Adjustment
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