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Chapter 1
General System Description
Rev : B
Dynamic execution micro architecture
Power management capability
Optimized for 32bits AP and OS
Integrated 16KB instruction and 16KB data L1 cache
256bit cache data bus
8-way cache associatively
ECC for system bus data
B. Core Logic
SIS 630
Support 66/100 MHz FSB
Power management capability
Integrated AGP bus 2D/3D video processor
Direct DVD MPEG-2 and AC-3 playback
Accelerator for Direct 3D API
Frame buffer share system memory up to 32MB
Support PC100 VCM SDRAM
Full support of ACPI and OS directed power management
Integrated IDE controller support 2 channel ultra DMA transfers up to 66
Integrated USB root hub
Integrated audio controller with 64-voices Direct Sound channel support
Integrated HSP modem
Forwards PCI I/O and memory cycles into LPC bus
C. PCMCIA Controller
O2 Micro OZ6812
ACPI-PCI bus power management interface specification Rev.1.0 compliant
Compliant with PCI specification V2.1S, 1995 PC Card Standard and JEIDA
Supports PCMCIA ATA specification
Supports 5V/3.3V PC Cards and 3.3V Cardbus Cards
Supports single PC card or Cardbus slot with hot insertion and removal
Supports multiple FIFOs for PCI/CB data transfer
Supports Direct memory access for PC/PCI and PC/Way on PC Card socket
Win98IRQ and PC-97/98 compliant
Integrated PC98 Subsystem Vendor ID support with auto lock bit
D. Embedded Controller / Keyboard Controller
NS PC87570
Hot key for brightness, volume control
ACPI controller
SMB bus for smart battery
Support Win-95 defined 3 new keys and down load-able key-matrix
E. Super I/O Controller
NS PC87393
LPC System Interface with synchronous cycles, up to 33 MHz bus clock
PC99 and ACPI Compliant
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